Social networking sites are the future
of Internet marketing

Social Networking Sites

The good news is that the opportunities for laser-targeted advertising are becoming a reality. Want to target 18-24 year old college graduate women who are engaged? Well, you can…in Facebook. The bad news is that, with this added power, comes much added complexity. That’s why you need a partner who understands and can work in this dynamic and complex marketplace.

Some facts about social networking sites:

MySpace had more traffic in 2007 than Google
Already, FaceBook has reached Google traffic levels
YouTube gets twice as much traffic as Google
These sites are DOUBLING every 6 months ; FaceBook adds 1 million visitors each week

In a typical month
      - 30% of worldwide Internet users visit MySpace
      - 29% visit FaceBook
      - 35% visit YouTube

It’s not just kids discussing what they’re going to wear to the prom
      - Over 50% of MySpace users are over 35
      - Facebook even has 100k users over 64

Learn how we can help you start a viral campaign on the social networking sites.